Dental Bonding

Dr. Richard Morgan, DDS, Smile Transformation Specialist.

Restorative Dentist Dr. Richard Morgan offers dental bonding as a technique to repair and reshape your teeth.

Dental Bonding

For stained, chipped, or cracked teeth, as well as for decayed teeth that need repair, Dr. Morgan will often recommend dental bonding.

Dental bonding, which is also known as composite resin bonding, utilizes an etching technique to very minutely prepare the surface area of a tooth allowing composite materials to bond to the structure of the tooth that is being restored. In the hands of an excellent cosmetic dentist, the resin is carefully matched in color to your natural tooth, and sculpted into the exact shape needed to complete your smile makeover.

Composite resin bonding material is similar to the clay that a sculptor uses. Dr. Morgan can use the bonding resin to literally sculpt natural, beautiful modification for the cracks and chips in the teeth, filling gaps, recoloring or reshaping teeth.